We are pleased to lounge a new exciting eco-friendly building technology that requires exceptional planning and qualifications.

We are able to build your ENERGY EFFICIENT A+ dream home with at least 50 years guarantee.

If you are interested in it please don`t hesitate to check our gallery and get in touch!

Energy-saving - Our construction materials can be used to build energy-saving buildings (to achieve a
certain energy rating ask for the help of a building energetics expert). What’s more, energy efficiency plays an important role in our production, too.

Durable - The durability of polystyrene light concrete rivals that of conventional concrete.

Eco-friendly - Polystyrene light concrete is Eco-friendly both in production and
application, any waste created is reusable.

Healthy - polystyrene concrete provides thermal bridge free insulation, which prevents
mould growth.

Excellent fire safety - The 41 cm thick wall, made with steel load-bearing structure and with the proper plaster, can achieve A1 fire safety classification, it is able to hold backfires burning at 1 000 °C for 240 minutes.



Based on the assessment, beside the low density(300kg/m3) has excellent insulating capability (n case of 41cm wall u=0.18w/m2k). in addition, it will provide 240 minutes of fire protection without additional layers. the fire resistance class of the masonry units is a2(s1.d0) therefore non-flammable.

There is no need to worry about mould and mycosis either  since the walls are “permeable and free of thermal bridges” so air handling units are not always necessary.

To fix the building blocks after easy assembly an adhesive foam is needed, which minimises water usage and moisture content of the building material.

This way the construction does not depend on the season or the weather, it is “applicable down to -10celsius(c) compared to conventional building materials the weight of wyw block brick is lower and due to its bigger size it enables “easy and faster construction”.

Also, the weight of the building structure will be less, so the sizes of the foundation and supporting structure of the building van be decreased, thereby achieving significant savings.

Thanks to the material, the waste generated during the production and use of the wyw block building block is most “reusable”.

This contributes to the “eco –friendly” nature of the product and technology, which s an extremely important requirement nowadays.

Further areas of application:

-developing the fire safety and insulation of industrial halls with lower costs

-insulation of the flat roof industrial halls, department stores

-renovation of historic buildings, development of facades (due to its light weight and workability)

-replacement of wood slabs with slabs with lightweight structure, thereby saving time and money

-false ceiling